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Creativity in the Classroom
Spring 2019

Graduate Course Number 690.03

3 Credits

Recent education research suggests methods for teachers to better serve their diverse student groups by fostering a creative environment. This course will investigate the researched functions that are best adapted to pedagogical strategies. The methods for creating unique concepts and solutions allow diverse groups to better internalize information and develop greater ethnic and gender equality. Topics will illuminate methods that spatial, synthetic, non-linear learners, so underappreciated in too many school districts, employ. This leads to the consideration of communication in the classroom, between and among the sexes, between multicultural groups and within a homogenous or heterogeneous setting. The impetus to instill creativity lessens classroom anxiety and motivates a life long learning atmosphere, an aim of all teachers in all districts. FOR ALL TEACHERS AND STAFF K-12: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, Special Education, Music, Art, Fine Arts, Physical Ed., Technology Ed., Health, Guidance.