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Health and Safety Issues for All Classrooms
Summer 2019

Graduate Course Number 690.03

3 Credits
The goal of this course is the dissemination of health and safety principles as academic motivators, to make curricula more applicable in the everyday life of our students. Highlighted will be topics in elementary probability theory, and game theory, literature, journalism, art, and their relation to American concepts of classroom health and safety. These associations are a response to the need to empower and include youngsters of all backgrounds and abilities in engaging classroom experiences. The methods used will center on critical thinking techniques necessary in so many divergent fields. Participants will discuss presentation alternatives including grouping, open-ended questioning as well as appropriate evaluation approaches. FOR ALL TEACHERS AND STAFF K-12: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, Special Education, Music, Art, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technology Education, Health, Guidance.