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Multiple Intelligences: Logical Understanding
Spring 2019

Graduate Course Number 690.05

3 Credits

Our schools today emphasize and reward language and mathematical skills or “logical intelligence”. This course will investigate methods for teachers to better serve their diverse student groups by incorporating “logical intelligence” into classes of all levels and disciplines. Learning alternatives, as well as, teaching to the multiple intelligences of our students serve as a framework for these sessions. The focus of our discussions will include research, classroom discussion and interactive experiences. We hope to show that a myriad of learning strategies exist for all students employing logical strategies. Teachers should feel more confident solving classroom challenges such as classroom anxiety, standardized testing strategies, and a “critical thinking” embedded curricula. An immersion in a participatory atmosphere within a cooperative environment and a willingness to restructure classroom activities will return teachers to their assignments with immediately usable methods and materials. FOR ALL TEACHERS AND STAFF K-12: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, Special Education, Music, Art, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technology Education, Health, Guidance.