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Modes of Learning: Methods for the Classroom
Spring 2019

Graduate Course Number 690.02

3 Credits

This course will investigate classroom strategies for enriching teacher presentations to diverse student groups. Recent concepts of learning alternatives developed through brain research and educational literature serve as the framework for these sessions. The focus will center on the variety of learning styles that inform the most efficient and effective methods for inclusion into curriculum. Discussions will include a left and right-brain centered approach that should engage all learners. The results will lead to better teacher-student and student-student communication in the classroom. Teachers should feel more confident solving classroom academic, as well as, management challenges, i.e.: standardized testing anxiety and embedding critical thinking within curricula. For all staff and teachers of primary and secondary schools K-12 including: LANGUAGE ARTS, SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, SOCIAL STUDIES, WORLD LANGUAGES, SPECIAL ED., MUSIC, ART, PHYS. ED., TECH. ED., HEALTH, GUIDANCE.