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Topics In Music for Integration into All Curriculums, Literature, Science, and the Arts
Summer 2019

Course Number: GRADUATE INSV 690.06

3 Credits

This course will investigate methods for teachers to better serve their diverse student groups by employing right brain activities, specifically music. The focus of our discussions will include brain functions but, too, will attempt to connect the core standards in literature, science and the arts to music. A multitude of learning strategies exist for all students utilizing the right brain learning methods so readily employed in the creation of music. Brain function orientation can illuminate methods that spatial, synthetic, non-linear learners, so underappreciated in too many school districts, employ. Music ubiquitously engenders communication in the classroom. Topics will include a primer on many musicians’ “world view” and how they attempt to solve the challenges they set for themselves. FOR ALL TEACHERS AND STAFF K-12.