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The Classroom Beyond Testing
Spring 2019

Graduate Course Number 690.06

3 Credits

In this age of high stakes testing, the temptation and often pressure to “teach to the test” has reached most classrooms. The challenge for educators is to create an environment in which all students will flourish and where alternate learning styles are honored. Discussions will center on methods to incorporate connections between testing content and curriculum, and to include engaging problem solving strategies into classrooms that use testing as the cornerstone to their lessons. Off-site learning, which brings community and regional attractions into the classroom will be an integral part of this course. Discussions of brain orientation, spatial learning, multicultural groups and gender related learning will demonstrate their impact on long term learning. FOR ALL TEACHERS AND STAFF K-12: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, Special Education, Music, Art, Fine Arts, Physical Ed., Technology Ed., Health, Guidance.